Dig it UpMy heart leaps a bit when I see a new little puppy, full of energy, curiosity and love. Kids will love the new Dig it Up! set about 12 different breeds of puppies. Our little archeologists can each get a puppy bone to soak in the water and then start using their tool to chisel away at the clay like material to uncover their puppy. The Identification Guide gives fascinating facts about each breed. The Dalmatian that we revealed is apparently born without spots and doesn’t get them until he is four weeks old! Although I knew of the association between these dogs and fire stations, I didn’t know that centuries ago they were used to run alongside the horse-drawn fire wagons to calm the horses. Kids take in these facts and apply them to their pretend play scenarios with the puppies. Divide the puppies into hunting, working or sporting dogs for a little language activity regarding categories. This Dig it Up! set provides the thrill of the reveal, and a complete set of puppies for pretend play, encouraging story telling preparing for reading and writing.

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