Future paleontologists, dinosaur enthusiasts, and science seekers will go wild for the Dig it Up! Bubbling Volcano. Making lava and watching an eruption at home is just half the fun. Once the eruption is over, kids can break out their excavation tools to discover 8 fossils and rocks inside.

This kit includes everything you need for a dynamic eruption for one large and one mini volcano (twice the fun!). Our toy testers were so excited to create an eruption. They practiced following directions, which included both written and photo instructions for flawless explosions. To prepare for the eruption, there was great learning opportunities. Reading, comprehending, measuring, and pouring (hand-eye coordination) were all practiced. Once the eruption bubbled we observed and awed!

The fun was just beginning. With four different excavation tools, our toy testers were ready to roll up their sleeves and get digging for their artifacts. The instruction booklet included pictures, descriptions, and facts about each discovery. There was more learning and critical thinking as kids compared gems and fossils.

Why we love it

This was true learning through play for the older kids. Kids made comparisons to their previous experiences with home eruptions and clearly were impressed by the bubbling red magic they created. The instruction booklet provides even more information for supplemental learning. A diagram that explained how volcanoes form was great for matching up on their own volcano. There were additional volcano facts that were read and then of course, needing to “quiz” the nearest grown-up.

The excitement of bubbling lava was big. But there was even more excitement afterwards when searching for the hidden artifacts within. Kids used fine motor skills to chisel, pick, dig, and brush each one until it was in pristine condition for keeping.

MindWare takes their Dig It Up! fun to the next level with this Bubbling Volcano. It promotes following directions, experimentation, observation, analysis, and critical thinking with  many opportunities for comparing and contrasting information.

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