Future paleontologists, dinosaur enthusiasts and every kid love MindWare’s Dig It Up! excavation kits. The newest Glow-in-the-Dark Dinosaur Eggs adds an even more fun sensory experience as kids chisel away under a black light. What will they dig up?

The set includes 8 dinosaur eggs with dinosaurs inside, 8 chisels (makes a great group activity!), excavation guide and mat, and a black light. Our paleontologists got straight to work. First soak your eggs in water and begin using those fine motor skills to chip away to find their dinos. Kids use bilateral coordination, practicing activities that require 2 hands, strengthening tiny muscles as they grip and push their chisel.

The excavation guide reveals the names and facts of 8 different dinosaurs. Kids used the guide before cracking into their eggs, reading and learning about different dinos. They compared size, spikes, stance and learned about their diets. Once the dinosaurs were all discovered, kids ran them to a dark closet and began with pretend play! This versatile excavation kit is awesome for practicing fine motor skills, reading, and hands-on learning of science and dinosaurs.

Available at MindWare