It’s fun to find a quality toy that is easy and fun to make and then use for pretend play. These dinosaurs made with “Dino Constructables” can provide hours of creative  fun as a make and play toy. Here is my review:

Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs so being able to construct your favorites and invent new ones adds up to a hit. With just 18 chunky, high quality pieces, children can create their own motorized models with moving mouths and legs, propelling them forwards and backwards. Make a Mastadon with his large ears, tusks and trunk, a Brontosaurus with his long swinging tail, a Triceratops with his bumpy spine and double-tusk head, a T-Rex standing tall on his hind legs or a unique creation of your own. Designed for kids 3 and up, littler ones will need some help pushing the pieces into the main motorized unit but that didn’t stop our little toy testers from eagerly making their dinosaurs. When kids first saw the models move, their eyes were wide with fascination–just the reaction you want to see to a toy set for great pretend play and conversation!

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