Step2’s Dino Dash Up & Down Roller Coaster is a fun and interactive ride-on toy for indoor and outdoor use. It provides plenty of physical thrills but also supports language and social communication skills.

Set up is a breeze as ramp pieces snap together. Kids practice balance as they maintain posture while rolling down and climbing up the ramp. The Dino Dasher can also be used as a traditional ride-on toy, where young kiddos practice bilateral movement using core strength, sitting upright, and pushing themselves along any hard surface.

Any playtime is a great time for connection with a caregiver. We practiced action words (verbs) with toddlers like “climb,” “ride,” “push,” “slide,” and “dash.” We used descriptive words (adjectives) like “fast,” “slow,” “high,” “low,” “up,” and “down,” enhancing vocabulary.

Pairing words to actions and linking language and motor tasks created a fun and enriching play experience.

Toddlers practiced turn-taking and interaction with peers during playtime. Since everyone was very eager to ride, the roller coaster promoted social skills such as patience, sharing, and cooperation.

Kids love dinosaur themes and the roller coaster certainly sparked imaginative play too. They raced down erupting volcanoes and avoided a chase from a giant T-Rex. These storytelling skills grew during play as they used vocabulary to build language skills.

The Dino Dash Up & Down Roller Coaster is a thrilling ride and supports motor and language development in young children. From enhancing gross motor skills to promoting vocabulary building and social communication, this roller coaster offers a well-rounded approach to early childhood development.

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