Discover prehistoric play with Janod’s kid powered Dino Multi-Activity Volcano. This volcano inspired shaped box has multiple ways to play for littlest hands to learn. It’s great for exploration, learning cause and effect, spatial awareness, and language and fine motor development.

The Dino Multi-Activity Volcano features 5 different faces that each bring a variety of activities that challenge children’s problem-solving skills. The use of different 3 different dinosaur shapes encourage children to match the corresponding pieces to the correct slots. It allows for caregivers to narrate their child’s play as they use prepositions (e.g. in/inside, next to, above) and other verbs (e.g. turn, twist, put) to help build spatial awareness, which is essential for cognitive growth. The dinosaurs were also introduced into some early pretend play as they chomped on beads from the bead maze (or the tall trees!).

The turning gears and bead maze are both fantastic tools for fine motor skill development. Children manipulated the colorful beads along the twisting tracks, enhancing their hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Fine motor skills are crucial for tasks such as writing, buttoning clothes, and more.

Janod’s Dino Multi-Activity Volcano is a volcanic eruption of learning opportunities. It fosters cognitive development through shape recognition and problem-solving, promotes fine motor skills through the bead maze, and contributes to language development through engaging play and interaction. It’s a remarkable tool for nurturing young minds and preparing them for future learning challenges.

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