Dinosaur lovers will elevate playtime with Winston and Olive’s Dino Super Dome. This indoor/outdoor tent is easily assembled but beware – kids will be climbing in before it’s even up! This awesome Dino Dome includes a “ROAR button” inside the tent that plays 6 different dinosaur sounds, LED lights for the entrance (so Dino Explorers could see during night time adventures), 6 dinosaur toys for more pretend play, and a Play & Learn Dino Discovery e-book.

Kids loved being inside the tent as they made observations, matched sounds to dinosaurs, and told stories about what they saw, heard, and imagined. The Dino Super Dome became a space where kids of mixed ages could all play and create stories together. Supplementing the tent with the 6 different dinosaurs really allowed for children to engage in an immersive play experience. They were transported to a Jurassic world while manipulating dinosaurs. They used new knowledge and previous knowledge to create short schemas about what they ate, who they fought, and how they protected themselves. 

The Dino Super Dome truly encouraged open play. Children easily incorporated other toys to enhance their play experience with this tent. They made fences to create borders on the inside of the tent, used play food for dinosaurs to eat, and other materials to make cozy spots for dinosaurs to rest (even dinosaurs need to sleep!). 

Children used schemas, or telling short story sequences, which allowed them to strengthen their language comprehension and expression. They listened to others’ ideas and voiced their own. Without even knowing it, they practiced building a foundation for language and future success with problem solving and social-emotional resilience. 

The Dino Super Dome is the perfect toy to transport your child to a new world and spark new stories as they engage their imagination. It allows for cooperative and open-ended play that encourages storytelling, problem solving, and self-regulation as they use language to express their thoughts and ideas. 

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