Dinosaur Escape Shiny Mosaics will be a fast favorite for your dino-loving kid. It’s a self-contained carrying case where paleontologists and artists can practice fine motor skills, number/color and shape recognition, following directions, and freestyle creations.

The travel case features a built-in magnetic easel with 335 thick magnets in various shapes and colors. Making this a perfect on-the-go learning toy. The color guide allows kids to match a color to a number then find the matching shape on the pattern card. With 5 double sided pattern cards and 2 picture scenes, kids can create a mosaic of their favorite prehistoric creature or make their own. From T-Rex to triceratops, and even some dino footprints, kids worked to search, match, and create.

This set is an excellent learning tool to build fine motor skills and spatial awareness. Creating a mosaic is like a puzzle as they match shapes, turn and flip pieces to carefully fit each magnetic tile in place. Some magnetic pieces were easy to match with straight edges, while others took some more time.

The picture scene cards were perfect for creating their own mosaics and telling a story. One of our toy testers designed a “never before discovered dinosaur” with half spikes on their back and a rainbow tail. With over 300 different magnets and endless shapes, the Dinosaur Escape Shiny Mosaics allowed for creative exploration, fine motor practice and tons of fun.

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