imgres-1Kids light up when they see Doc McStuffins and her friends Lambie, Stuffy and Chilly on the special x-ray cards. One player is the patient as they insert an x-ray card into the sleeve to see which picture other players must guess. The rest of the players become doctors, narrowing down the field of possibilities through yes,/no questions by category of color, tool or pattern. One friend decided to ask about the reflex hammer, “Is it the bangs, the bang thing?” We had a little chuckle and we learned a new word. Questions followed by category, “Is it purple?” “Does it have flowers in the background?” “Is it the stethoscope?” Players have to listen carefully to the yes and no responses and cover up pictures on the board based on eliminating those pictures that do or don’t have that criteria. Or as my friend said, “That means cover up it.” When we said it wasn’t red, a player said, “That means we cover up all the red ones.” Problem solving, deductive reasoning, learning vocabulary, processing negatives and formulating questions all strengthen language skills as little doctors search for  the solution and solve the problem.  “What do we need now?  We need to guess a color.” Kids loved their new “guessing game!”

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