Wonder Forge ImagicademyAnimalsExplore the world of animals with this interactive book jammed with learning fun, exploring and comparing animals according to size, diet, habitat, behavior, seasons and defenses. Each activity involves a creative application of an animal concept and includes additional related information in “Did you know?” or “Word Power,” expanding vocabulary on that subject. My little friend finished designing Donald Duck’s hamster cage, with special rooms (he added a rest area) and toys while using the roller stamp to color paw paths through his structure. Filled with language and literacy learning, this book teaches parts of speech in constructing silly stories, crossword puzzles to discover mystery animals, and word scrambles identifying insects. Language learning is stretched with creative applications of concepts such as size when kids are asked to write about how they would change their bedroom if they were tall as a giraffe. My little friend suggested,  “I’d cut a hole in the ceiling.” A clip on zippered case holds all the fun accessories–roller stamps, colored pencils, stickers, magnifying glasses and a favorite glowing UV pen. We colored lightning bugs and night animal eyes with our special pen and then lit them up to surprise older siblings. Clearly Wonder Forge did their research on what was interesting and fun in just the right amount to stretch little minds!

Note: Many of the literacy activities are for beginning readers and would be too difficult for typical 4 year-olds.