Boulder BlastKids loved playing this game as they simultaneously built up the dam higher and added “water” balls through the storm clouds. Who can pull out a boulder and stack it on top without bursting the dam? Wonder Forge has again created an exciting preschool game that closely integrates pretend play around the theme of the pride lands in danger of flooding. Resembling Jenga meets Lionguard, this game requires little fingers and builds fine motor skills as players remove a strategic boulder and place it on the top of the dam wall. Young children often verbalize their strategy, using directional words and help each other which is fun to listen to and builds language skills. “Don’t go above the last one,” and “That will tip the one next to it” added to the giggles as kids waited for the dam to break. I must say, the favorite option in a turn was to drop a “water” ball through the clouds in the cut out sky, to the point that we had used up all the balls at one point. This game would be a perfect addition to a speech therapist’s bag of fun, as it has quick turns to reinforce correct productions , and emulates pretend play. Besides, kids kept stacking up the boulders for another round of continuous play!