Once the box was open and Mickey, Goofy, Minnie and Donald were spotted on their roadsters, our 3 year-old wouldn’t let go of his car. He did eventually join the game! Place your roadsters in the starting gates and start your engines. Spin the spinner on your turn and perform the action–change your position at the gate, move to an end position for an advantage, rotate obstacles that block or clear pathways, move the Blimp to more easily earn a trophy or turn the Race Countdown dial to bring on a race! There is lots of opportunity for thinking, strategizing, and talking over options for play as the starting position determines your path and obstacles can throw you or opponents off course. It took us a few trial runs to see what our strategy would be. The center starting position looked like the most likely to send your roadster feely down the race track and pass over the finish line for a trophy. The obstacle factor took some learning as players experimented with what angles would produce what results. Then of course your position can change if a player spins a move to kick you out of your spot! The game board is ingenious and the play is speedy and fun as kids exercise some logical thinking, strategizing and modifying to get the most trophies as well as counting skills. Players couldn’t help verbalizing their thinking while gaining a more advantageous starting position or moving the obstacles to block opponents’ race line. What a terrific way to turn a racetrack into smart play!

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