DJ_SuperStretchy_Beautyshot 2You’ve heard the tip to stretch before you exercise–well consider that a prerequisite for playing this game of super fun! My little friends got into such contortions that I had to get out my camera. “Twister” with a Disney preschool spin, this super stretchy game has kids following directions to match shapes, colors and Disney characters with their body parts–elbow, foot, hand, knee and head (the hardest by far). Kids loved unfolding the play mat and started to identify the characters, “Hey, there’s Clover and Amber from Sofia the First, and Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates!” The callers flipped over picture cards and placed them in the card holder with corresponding body parts, calling out where the stretcher should touch the mat. Bodies became increasingly twisted as kids tried to touch the correct body part with the correct character, color or shape all at the same time. 3 year-olds need some direction but perhaps lend the most laughs as they step on a red shape and put a hand on Hallie. Let’s just call this what it is: active, fun learning! Kids are reinforcing their knowledge of preschool vocabulary and following directions, all the things teachers appreciate when kids enter school.

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