Little princesses gasped the moment we opened the box and revealed the tiaras, rings and bracelets just waiting to be adorned with jewels!  We dressed up in our favorite colored accessories and started taking turns, drawing a card to guess the princess associated with the character, prop or place pictured, or acting out the princess on a pretend card so players could guess. The largest jewel, a multi-faceted heart, was used to read the correct answer on the back of the card and count how many jewels you won for your crown.  Girls loved using this secret search tool and of course were inspired to win so they could snap it into the prime spot on their tiara. My little tester turned to me mid-game and said, “Can I just see what the heart’s gonna look like on my tiara?” Dazzling Princess combines fun, pretend play, and language learning as little girls wear their growing jewelry throughout the game and share parts of the princess stories, sing a song or give a little dialogue so players can guess who is on their Secret Princess Card. I knew the game was a hit when we had finished playing, packed it up and went on to another activity and we realized we still had our jewelry on!