You are invited to a Cupcake Party with the Disney Princesses in this game of speed and teamwork! Play begins after players have turned over a Mix, Bake, and Decorate tile, and proceeded to select their cupcake recipe. Will it be Cinderella’s white cake topped with Godmother’s yellow glazed icing and a glass slipper or Jasmine’s magic carpet cup filled with chocolate cake, spiced fig frosting and topped with a magic lamp? Turn over the timer and race to see how many cupcakes your team can assemble in the time allotted.  Collaborative games bring on lots of talking as kids search for the pieces and work together to correctly assemble the cupcakes. We found ourselves naming the pieces–rose topper, sprinkle frosting, and leaf top as were were helping each other find them. These are possibly ten of the cutest cupcakes–too bad we can’t eat them!