My mini-princess fan loves The Little Mermaid so now she can extend that play in the tub! This tubby set was thoughtfully designed to include so much learning as kids manipulate the ten floating foam picture tiles with pop out pieces in the shapes of a star, heart, oval, shell, hexagon, circle and more. Start your play with some puzzle work, matching the pictures and shapes to the right foam outer frame and begin sticking your picture squares to the bath walls and tub, sequencing the story. Ariel’s story begins with her singing, perched on a shell under the sea and ends with her wedding with Prince Eric, living happily ever after. Kids become the storytellers using the pictured tiles to fill in the plot. Flounder and Scuttle are there to help out as Ariel falls in love with Eric, while Ursula the Sea Witch appears in the story to trick Ariel and take her voice. Sebastian and King Triton come to the rescue and through a series of events, Ariel recovers her voice and becomes Eric’s wife, living on land. This set has enough pictures to produce the story, but leave room for children to fill in different details, perhaps giving various renditions of this tale. Bath time with Disney The Little Mermaid Tubby Time is a delightfully fun activity exercising fine and gross motor skills, sequencing and storytelling while building vocabulary to advance language skills.

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