DMP_Pictopia_BeautyShotThis ultimate picture-trivia game is incredibly fun “family” entertainment but I will tell you, get ready for the kids to heartily beat the parents at answering multi-faceted questions comparing Disney characters. Each question card has 4 Disney characters pictured on the front with questions on the back that ask players to compare from 1-3 Disney characters, from “Which three of these characters sing in their movies?” to “Which two of these characters are close friends with a once-wealthy and still-reckless adventurer?” Primarily a game of teamwork, Pictopia takes a competitive twist as players offer wager coins according to their confidence in knowing the right answer, allowing them to move ahead if correct. A Spotlight question on each card tests players’ knowledge of the Host for that round. The question is asked, “Which one of these characters would I most want to save me from a burning building?” and players secretly record their answers on a fun Mickey Mouse dial for a later reveal. My little friend said, “Bolt, because he could fix the building so you could get out!” There are so many levels of cognitive and language learning in this intricate game, exercising memory and critical thinking as players use deductive reasoning to come up with the group of characters with a fact or two in common. Where in the story do I search for that fact? What is associated with a question about an event, relative, costume or objects? Lots of chat abounds as kids negotiate for the best group answer, defend their choice and explain Spotlight reasoning. I love all the learning in this game but the best endorsement is that kids don’t want to stop playing and begged to just read a few more question cards before we stopped!

Available at Wonder Forge. Click here