My little six year-old girl friend couldn’t wait to make her own fairy night light. A wonderful, age appropriate DIY project, this night light combines a little girl’s fascination with fairies and love of craft projects. I heard “I can do it myself!” several times which demonstrates the power of confidence in being able to make something without help (I only put my finger on the knot so she could double tie it.) We read the directions as she painted the inside of the glass jar with glue and sprinkled white glitter throughout. After it dried, she rolled up the translucent paper with velum fairies to place inside the jar along with her wishes and blue fairy dust. She added the handle, and several decorative ribbons tied to a flower and sprig around the lid. Insert the batteries and the magic begins! The trail of lights inside the jar rotate between beautiful colors and provide a soft, magical light where she hung her night light on her bed post. The added activity of writing out wishes on the “Make a Wish…” slips and dropping them in the jar with purple fairy dust, stimulated conversation and inclusion with her siblings. We had an insightful conversation and group of wishes after I made the rule they couldn’t be about wanting a toy! “I wish I could walk Brooks.” “I wish I could have a sleepover with Teddy!” This little girl was able to make a unique night light all by herself, without her brothers’ help while adding some magic to the decor of her room.

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