VTech’s pawsome DJ Beat Boxer will be adored by music lovers, rhythm makers, and dance enthusiasts. This musical pup bops its head along to the beat. Kids hands’ work as the DJ as they touch different parts of the pup to create new musical sounds.

Press the headphones to start your song and then press them again for change in beat. Scratch its head, pat its paw and boop its nose while the song plays to add more DJ effects to your one-of-a-kind musical songs.

Our music lovers took turns mixing and dancing. They challenged each other to match the music and created patterns to achieve the same song. “Press, scratch, scratch, boop, scratch!” they called out. At first, the musical patterns were simple. But as play continued, they became more They tried to mix in effects to the beat of the music and encouraged each other during play “That one was so good!”

As children explore new sounds and patterns, they are building connections in their brains. When they repeat a play sequence, they are using memory and recall, which are great cognitive skills for the growing brain.

Of course there’s a pretend play element since all children love soft, cuddly pups. They took good care of their newest friend and made sure there was food and a cozy place to sleep when all the dancing and music mixing was done for the day.

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