spotitdoc_sideDoc McStuffins, Lambie, Hallie and Stuffy add to the leaning fun in this latest Spot It! game aimed at teaching numbers and shapes. Three game options all involve flipping over your card and being the first to name the matching symbol on a second card. There is only one match and believe me at times you think they forgot to have a matched card! Kids have no problem earning cards while I am still looking for a match. The themed vocabulary added to the fun as kids called out clinic, bandage, scissors or syringe, while learning circle, rectangle or 8 and 9. Learning vocabulary within a category like going to the doctor, builds language. Tips for advanced play after a match is made, take the learning deeper as kids are asked to count forward or backward from a number, say the shape’s number of sides or find an object that contains the shape. Learning the language of preschool vocabulary is great fun!

Available at Blue Orange Games: Click here