That goofy, cuddly, huggable Douglas the bear is back sporting  a brand new wooly hat, a gift from his dad. Before taking off to model his snazzy hat to his friends, Douglas is reminded,, “Take care of it.” Several cartwheels later, Douglas realizes that his hat is coming unraveled. A string of yarn in draped between tree branches with his pom pon dangling down. Each of his forest friends offer a use for his ball of unwound yarn–cow tried it on for a hat, bird for a nest, and rabbit asked to plug his burrow. The best advice was to gather up the remains of his hat, trudge home and come clean with his dad. Telling the truth always works best!  After the story, author-illustrator David Melling adds 13 creative hats such as “Banana Hat,” “Best Friends Hat” (three friends cuddled under one hat), “Follow the Leader Hat” (all the hats are connected), or “Peek-a-Boo Hat” (holes for eyes to peek through). These cartoons provide a great springboard for kids to explain the hats, and maybe even create their own.

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