Wow, did we have fun with our Doodle Roll! Kids were inspired by the seemingly endless roll of paper as they dove right into illustrating their story. A 4 year-old boy began with an alien landing on earth with his armed guards and ended with a fiery blast back to his homeland, while an 8 year-old girl told an intriguing story about exploring a scary cave. Hands and mouths were moving equally in earnest as the stories flowed through their imagined sequence. Such a simple idea, pairing a small roll of paper and handy crayons for kids, produces a big educational opportunity as children become authors and illustrators of their stories. No teacher has to stand over them to teach them to write a beginning, middle and end, or present a problem, solve it and write a conclusion. Their little drawings bridge the gap and help the ideas flow. Doodle Roll is a fantastic language learning tool that kids can’t put down.

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