The awesome DoodleJamz, where kids squish, shape, and create is now available in BrightBoard. This is a light-up sensory drawing pad that allows for safe, mess-free, squishy art.

The DoodleJamz BrightBoard includes the DoodleJamz drawing pad and stylus, 1 LED BrightBoard pad (with kickstand!) and 3 transparent graphics. Kids love the different graphics to embellish art with colorful beads, and there are hundreds more available on their website. You can even upload your own designs or photos to personalize your creation.

Our creators gave emojis beards and funky hair, gave a unicorn a wild mane, completed mazes which were printed from the website, and especially loved printing pictures of themselves to accessorize their photos with sunglasses and gorgeous necklaces.

While kids are creating their art, they’re also engaging in sensory and fine motor play. The squishy beads and gel inside are moveable with a finger or stylus. This becomes a great avenue to practice fine motor skills and pencil grip for those kids working on handwriting.

DoodleJamz is the perfect travel companion. Whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or needing to pass time at a restaurant – it’s slim, easy to transport, and keeps kids busy while they’re also practicing important skills and exercising their creativity.

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