HABA-Puppet-Theater-150x150Set the stage for easy set up and creative play as you simply place the adjustable extension rod in a doorway to hang HABA’s new “Doorway Puppet Theatre.” Adjust the height for even your littlest puppeteers so they can pop a puppet out the upper porthole to announce the next act or tie back the bright red curtains on the main stage for one scene after another. Kids love to tell their story through the voice of a puppet, making up the dialogue and guiding the plot with the other characters. My little friends were non-stop talkers as soon as they slipped on their puppets. Kids learn to develop a story with other puppeteers, negotiating how the plot proceeds and adding to the story to its conclusion. The puppet theatre even has a plastic sleeve to insert the name of your show. All this fun includes lots of language expansion and learning as well as a little practice in writing as kids can name their show and write out the characters!

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