Galt Activity KittenBabies love a cuddle with Dr. Miriam Activity Kitten, a soft velour playmate with textures, sounds and features to explore. Squeeze her tummy and she meows for some fun vocal play and imitation, squeeze her head for a squeak and shake her body for a rattle. Activity kitten’s varied features provide parents and caregivers with lots to describe as they teach and play with their infant. “Look at the kitten’s bumpy pointed ears!” or “Her soft face has four whiskers.” Modeling and teaching vocabulary builds a word base so children can eventually speak their first word and continues to be beneficial to kids as it relates to reading comprehension in later school years. Both Mommy and baby benefit from play with Dr. Miriam’s Activity Kitty by Galt Toys, as a Play Guide is included with ideas on”how” to play with the kitten in the most beneficial way for your child.

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