DS_Charades_BoxShotWho hasn’t had a laugh playing charades and a memory of trying desperately for your team to guess your assignment? Wonder Forge has just made it possible for the preschool set to join in the family fun with “Dr. Seuss Charades Game,” as they act and sound out objects and characters from cake, book and shovel to The Sneetches and Fox in Socks! The acting player chooses from three pictured options to act out while the guessers view the other side of the card which includes the three options as well as three others to guess from. Thank heavens for the clues as my little friend announced, ‘There are no sounds for this one!” and acted out “dry off” as he pantomimed rubbing a large beach towel on his back.  Kids have to process how they translate a picture to action, and think more abstractly to act out Dr. Seuss characters, while the guessers call out words associated with the actions.  How can we depict the Grinch or Fox in Socks? 3 year-olds will need some assistance, even on the easier choices,  but that makes it collaborative and fun as everyone is using and building language skills!

Available at Wonder Forge: Click here