Since we’ve all enjoyed the amazing games by Adventerra that teach us to take care of our planet in such clever ways. we’re excited to see their new games for the preschool set. This Ecologic Memory game is played like a classic memory game, although the cards are face up to begin, giving little ones a head start on finding a match once they are turned over and play begins. The endangered baby animals are paired with a picture of them snuggling with their mother in their natural habitat. Kids 2 years and up can use the associated habitat to help remember the pairs as the pandas are in a bamboo forest, gorillas are in the jungle, and polar bears are on floating ice. The cute illustrations are appealing to little ones and give lots of opportunity for parents to describe the animals and habitats to build language, “The tall mommy giraffe is standing above the baby, with trees high enough for them to nibble easily.” Parents can use these cards to teach their children about animals at risk and how to protect them. With 14 matched pairs to remember, the game can easily be adjusted for younger kids by using a smaller number of cards, allowing plenty of time for conversation. My little one enjoyed learning about new animals and even turned the memory game into a little bit of peek-a-boo as she found a match, “Do I have to say Boo or I found you!”

Available at Adventerra Games