Preschoolers take note…now you too can have fun learning about protecting our planet thanks to Adventerra Games! Their new 2-piece, self correcting puzzles teach kids beginning at 2 years of age the do’s and don’ts of everyday activities to save water, recycle trash, save energy, and protect natural beauty like flowers. The wrong behavior puzzle piece is edged with a red line and the right behavior piece is edged in green as a prompt. With cute, refreshing illustrations to interest kids, these puzzles invite conversation about “why?” one activity is better than another for our environment. Why is it better to turn off the TV when going to sleep, rather than leave it on? Why should we plant a garden? or Why should we read a book by natural light instead of turning on a lamp? These puzzles invite lots of teaching about caring for our environment and learning new words like “waste” and “save”. One of my favorite comments was, “Here he’s wasting a little bit and here he’s wasting a lotta bit!” Kids join some great conversations that stimulate thinking, processing and drawing conclusions about our actions, all of which build language skills and  good conservation habits.

Available at Adventerra Games