The EggXpress Yourself dozen is a must-have toy for kids and families. It encourages social-emotional learning, independent play, and provides invaluable prompts for parents during guided play. With a little something for every age, this bus sparks imaginations, language, and resilience in children.

The bus is packed with developmental learning benefits for children ages 18 months and up. Young children practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor development as they place the wobbly eggs in/out of the bus and crack eggs open to reveal colors and shapes for matching. There’s an egg-cellent pretend play element where independent play happened too. Our 3 year old toy tester had egg friends travel around, looking out their windows and having conversations with one another being “dropped off” and different bus stops.

Older kids were interested in the Story Playbook, attempted “reading” the story of a seashore adventure, and immediately started recognizing and naming emotions of each of the eggs. This practice of attaching language and vocabulary to feelings is a fantastic way to build self-advocacy in our kids. They use these powerful words to explain and understand their feelings more accurately, making them more equipped for self-regulation.

EggXpress Yourself encourages guided play, as well. Each of the 12 emotions include question cards, which can facilitate dynamic conversations between adults and children. For example: lovedWhat makes you feel loved? How do you make others feel loved? or shy- What do you do when you feel shy? What would you do if your friend felt shy?

EggXpress Yourself is a toy that can grow with your child and help your child grow. It allows for multilevel play where children engage in open-ended play, while practicing higher level language skills and social-emotional advocacy. It allows them to practice storytelling to explain their experiences and show empathy towards others. Great for cooperative play and siblings of mixed ages — this one is a real PAL favorite.

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