t700_6a2aa7bd2ef8279ae66971653b810dffMy 2 year-old friends let out a little squeal when they saw Ted Bear riding on the zebra. They could hardly wait for me to release him from the packaging in the box. Never mind that all day they referred to him as “Horsey” and “man,” they loved talking about him and to him as they pulled  through the rooms of the house. When the zebra stopped for a rest, Ted’s arms and legs were twisted and turned to a delightful clicking noise. Ted had some adventures on his own, going for a car ride and sitting on blocks. A great toy for toddler play, this pull along zebra and teddy bear inspire pretend play and naming as little ones are talking to them. Language learning expands as kids manipulate, pull and carry their new little friends through daily activities. Parents can add to the learning as they narrate their child’s activity with the toy, “Ted is on the zebra, Ted is off,” or “Ted is sitting, Ted is standing.” Let your child lead the play and you can add the commentary!

Available at International Playthings.