Top Trumps card games have a ton of fascinating facts in a little deck of cards. One of their newest themes, “Electricity and Magnetism” includes some of the most fascinating discoveries in the worlds of science, math, engineering and technology. 30 cards with subjects from natural wonders like the northern lights, atoms and the earth’s magnetic field to a man-made compass, MRI machine or cathode-ray tube ignite minds with interesting information that inspire players to dig deeper on the subject. Each subject is ranked in five categories–innovation, beauty, everyday impact, age, and top trumps rating. Players play a game like the classic “War” where the first player challenges others to beat his ranking number for one of the categories. If he wins, he collects all the cards in that round. Great conversations arise as players try to defend or deny their ratings based on their knowledge of the subject and end up learning a lot in the process. Different subjects rule in different areas. Static electricity and Magnetic fields are hard to beat in the “Age” category while the Northern Lights is a 10 in Beauty. The MRI Machine tops Innovation and is strong in everyday Impact. Top Trumps encourages language learning in several areas–building vocabulary, social language, comparisons, and descriptions. All this smart play can be packed away in a tight case for take along play too.

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