Bath time is a favorite time for so many toddlers and the EleFountain Water Show brings even more excitement. This battery operated water fountain elephant draws water from the tub and creates a tall fountain from its trunk.

With 3 interchangeable accessories included – a shower head, umbrella, trumpet and ball), the EleFountain became a dynamic toy that stimulated predictive thinking too. A shower head attached to the trunk sprays water like shower. Toddlers loved the feeling of the continuous spray on their hand, back and toes. The spinning umbrella spun around and around and sprinkled water on bellies. When the sprinkling trumpet was attached, it sprayed water in all directions around the tub and putting a ball on top made it spin as our toddlers cheered with glee!

Why We Love It!

We loved the multiple accessories provided with the EleFountain Water Show. It was wondrous to watch children request different accessories, practice hand-eye coordination to put on and take off, and use some early STEM skills with predictive thinking on what would happen with each change in accessory!

The EleFountain Water Show enhanced word learning at bath time. We practiced on/off as parts were interchanged for new water features. Familiar phrases helped in eliciting words too, like, “ready, set… GO!” as we flipped EleFountain’s tail from the off to on position. Toddlers were quick to use their pointer fingers to label eyes, ears, nose/trunk and mouth. Once bath time was over, using the included net for accessories provided even more language opportunities for cleaning up (using prepositions like in/inside). This is a great toy to elevate bath time and enhance learning and sensory experiences.

Available at Target and Yookidoo