The minute Elf Magic’s red-headed Mack arrived at our tester’s house, he and three year-old Liam became inseparable–except at bedtime of course, when the magic began and Mack moved to a new place! Mom reported on Liam’s fascination with Mack, including him in all his activities, “He looks for him every morning and talks about him all day!” When I visited, Liam reported all the places that Mack has appeared–on the ceiling fan, the vacuum and the Christmas wreath. “He wants him all the time,” taking Mack on errands and even outside to help Dad make a manger. When I saw Mack dressed in his Peppermint Pajamas lying on the coffee table with a button on his shirt, Mom explained that the nursery school  suggested they reward Liam for good listening for which he had earned a button. Liam asked for two buttons and pinned one on Mack!  Little ones catch on very fast to the tradition starting with feeding the elf crackers and ice water, “Mommy, I need to get Mack crackers and I need some too!” Different from other Elf programs, Elf Magic’s elves are designed to be daytime buddies and separate for their night time Elfcapades. These beautifully made elves arrive in a Santa sack with a poem touching on the true meaning of Christmas. On loan from Santa, the Elves spark pretend play and imaginations, as kids bond with their North Pole friends, dressing them in the many “Mix ‘n Magic” fashions available. I love how these little elves lead children into story-telling and narrating their day, starting with a Good Morning conversation with their friend!

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