There are unlimited creative possibilities with Spin Master’s Etch A Sketch Freestyle. This tablet gives the classic feel of the over 50 year old toy with an updated modern spin. The double sided stylus features a 2-in-1 pen and brush – great for writing, drawing, doodling, and “painting.”  Kids loved revealing the rainbow color on the surface as they created.

Why we love it

This reusable drawing board has so many fun and educational learning opportunities. It’s great for kids that are ready to refine their motor skills and hold a writing tool using the tripod grasp. They can exercise their creativity by drawing, doodling, scribbling, and “painting.” It’s a great option for on-the-go fun. The stylus is attached by a string, so no need to worry about lost parts. The board quickly erases with a touch of the button on the back.

Our toy testers loved using the board for playing Pictionary by drawing pictures and having a partner guess what it was. Older kiddos practiced writing their spelling words and sight words with both the pen and the brush for twice the fun. We even practiced some phonemic awareness games with our kindergartener, as she segmented phonemes to write simple words.

Etch A Sketch Freestyle is a versatile tablet for kids without the screen time. There are endless possibilities for drawing and writing, learning and laughing. It’s great for travel and has awesome repeat play value for kids ages 3 and up.

Available at Amazon and Target