Learn with OjO is trailblazing the toy industry with outstanding educational toys and games. Their new Explorers Puzzles feature three real world STEM subjects including, Space, Underwater, and Dinosaurs.

Our puzzlers were in awe at the first sight of the boxes. Kids just love these themes! Using puzzles to build an understanding of new vocabulary and use familiar vocabulary in context promotes mastery during conversation. For example, when our 5 year old worked on the Underwater Explorer Puzzle, she said “Vampire Squid?! What’s that?!” This sparked a new curiosity to compare and contrast different types of squid in the ocean.

Puzzles encourage learning spatial concepts and help foster flexible thinking and problem solving. Studies show that high quality parent interactions during puzzle play can also promote later math skills. Caregivers that guide during puzzle play are more apt to use spatial words and directions like above, below, between, curve, etc., which describe position and further help to boost spatial thinking.

These educational puzzles offer a new learning concept within these already popular themes. For example, the Space Explorers Puzzle features length of time to travel throughout space: six hours to the space station, 3 days to the moon, 6 years to Jupiter! The Dino Explorers Puzzle allows kids to match dinosaurs to their fossil counterpart. Our eager learners not only practiced problem solving and visual-spatial awareness when puzzling, but they gained new knowledge and confidence on these science topics.

Inclusive in each puzzle is an activity guide that sparks even more play, allows for deeper learning and fosters higher curiosity. For example, the Underwater Explorers encourages children to draw and create their own underwater creature. This prompted rich conversation with descriptive language and our puzzlers’ creativity was soaring! This fun puzzle trio invited exceptional play while building fine motor skills, visual-spatial skills and language skills through smart play.

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