We opened the box and one of the kids said, “Hey, it’s like Spot It!” They know Blue Orange games. Each player gets a fun picture wheel to spin with 3 windows for searching. Flip over a picture card and quickly look for a match to yell out first to win a round. There are so many options for play and learning with this game. The double-sided wheel has 2 levels of play, and 6 possible game formats. As a speech language pathologist I loved the options that required language and reading skills. One variation can be played with a leader describing the picture to match, making it a language comprehension task without the visual picture card for a clue. The “robot” was described as having a magic wand on his head, a punching bag for feet and a can around his middle! Another variation had the leader giving the first letter of the image to match. We found we needed a second letter or more clues on that one, Mom who is first grade teacher said she would use this game to reinforce reading vocabulary work on phonemic rules by giving “blends” or “digraphs” as clues. Finally, the variation giving a rhyming clue is great for auditory discrimination and listening skills. “What rhymes with mate?” became “8 Ball.” Kids and parents had a lot of fun with this smart game.

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