The FabStudio 3-in-1 Vanity Easel includes a dry erase board, mirror and spacious bottom tray for multiple pretend play options. It’s a great option for combining role play and communication, creativity, and motor skills!

The dry erase board is also magnetic. Our toy testers immediately took out the letters (included with your easel), and placed letters in alphabetical order and set up a pretend classroom scene. Using dry erase markers, alphabet magnets (and other magnets), the “teacher” began asking about days of the week and the weather, using her new blackboard. The 3-in-1 easel allowed for building this familiar play schema, or sequence, while they practiced dialogue and used language during play.

The other side of the easel is a mirror, which also allows for drawing and fun imaginative play. Our testers created a hair salon scene where customers were welcomed into a chair facing the mirror. A few hairdresser props are included with your easel, but our testers had no problems finding their own materials around the house to send symbolic play soaring. They combed, they cut, and they styled. In the end, the haircut only cost $3!

Why We Love It!

Multiple pretend play options allowed children to recreate familiar moments and use new vocabulary words. Pretend play allows children to take on “new roles” thus allowing them to explore new perspectives and build empathy. And of course, pretend play is fun! Children learn through playing and when they play, they exercise their minds and their bodies.

Working on a vertical surface, such as the Vanity Easel dry erase board, helps develop motor skills too. Children practice strengthening their muscles in shoulders and elbows, and it helps with fine motor skills like pencil grasp, since the wrist is a naturally extended position. Rearranging magnets, drawing, and tracing on the easel combined play and motor development seamlessly.

The Fab Studio 3-in-1 Vanity Easel is a great addition to any playroom, bedroom, or classroom. It fosters pretend and open play, allowing for children to use dialogue, imagination, and creativity all while building vocabulary and motor skills.