Build_Imagine_LifeStyle-216Take storytelling to a new level with Build and Imagine’s newest themed set, Fairytale Theater. The double-sided magnetic story panels inspired a princess banished to her purple bedroom, an Ogre’s note left in a magic apple in the castle’s banquet room, a cautious walk through the dark forest–Beware! and a request to enter the king’s quarters! Busy hands were constantly changing up the story line as kids flipped the pirate scene over to the castle’s throne, and the waterfall garden to the spooky forest. Settings were flexible as were characters as kids switched up the faces and accessories to take the story on a new path. Characters turned into pirates as they dressed in baggy striped pants, a skull and crossbones hat and sword. Faces were replaced with a fox and ogre head as well as worried, scared, silly and dreamy looks to match the story. I loved watching how children created their story, weaving in an out of parts of familiar fairytales. Combining a poison apple, magic mirror, crown, ogre, red cape, mask and wand they became authors of their unique tale. Kids especially liked the open and close curtains to mark the beginning and ending of their show. Speaking to a third grade teacher this week, I asked her what vocabulary words she was emphasizing in reading and writing, She replied, “The same ones as every year, the elements of a good story–characters, setting, problem, solution and beginning, middle and end.” Fairytale Theater gives children practice with these essential concepts through creative fun, the best way to learn!

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