40483_1You can’t be at a loss for words in “Family Alias” and everyone takes a turn explaining their selected words using synonyms, opposites or clues so their partner can guess as many words as possible until the timer runs out. Two stacks of cards–Family Cards and Adult Cards-allow children to explain or guess easier words making this a level playing field. Kids love the “Wild Cards” which are only options for adults, thus making their turn a bit zany such as use “a very squeaky voice,” “pronounce all T’s as D’s” or “sound like a robot” when explaining. We had fun giving clues for “shoelace,” “lawn” and “grade” as explainers had to get more specific in their clues from “shoe” to “tie” to “string,” using deductive reasoning to and association to tell about their word. Lots of descriptive language skills are exercised by both the explainer and the guesser as they combine the clues to arrive at the correct word.

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