t355_8e3ce8c3083c7b74309904ea9c040f01Play started quickly with the easy directions and quick flips of the triangular cards. “It’s sort of a game like Spot It!” a player called out after a few rounds. In this game of fast recognition, players flip over a card with multiple fruits on it and try to be the first to match the card from the first pile that has a single fruit or number on it. If a pineapple is on the singles card, be the first to count how many pineapples are on the group card. Likewise if a number is on the single card, find what fruit is printed that many times on the group of fruit card. Tokens of fruit and numbers are included too for two other variations of the game. Simple but tricky, players practice counting, recognition and scanning the whole picture card, which my teacher friend pointed out is helpful for developing reading skills. This new member of the Blue Orange Games family, joins others in the packable tin for travel and on-the -go fun learning.

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