Kids are fascinated with fire trucks so let’s get their story started at the Fire Station, complete with a heliport, basketball court for recreation, game room, office, tool and equipment garage and pole to slide down top to bottom! Hape’s accessories–ax, dog, flames, computer control desk, fireman, hose, fire truck, helicopter and fire hydrant help bring the story alive as little hands manipulate the props to describe the action. The hose fits on the hydrant or snaps into the water reserve on the side of the fire truck. Ring the alarm bell, slide your fireman down the pole and pull the flame down to open the big garage doors and send the fire truck out to put out the fire. This Fire Station is a great size for several kids to play together, increasing the language learning as they craft their story together and bring new ideas to the plot. Language learning abounds as kids create their version of a day in the life of a fire fighter. What a terrific addition to the toy room at home as well as a preschool classroom!

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