Kids imitate the adults in their life and that goes for “playing” with a tablet too! Little ones can explore, listen, follow directions and learn while pressing the 20 app icons that introduce numbers, letters, counting, shapes, animals, colors, weather, fun facts, and how to to say hello in a foreign language. Choose the Explore, Learning or Music Mode and tap an icon to start learning. We tapped “cat” which gave the following responses as we progressed through the modes: ” Make this sound…meow.” “Animal see, animal ride, cat, bat, rat,” giving little ones the opportunity to hear rhyming words, and finally music on the third mode. My favorite was the Learning Mode where we tapped the microphone icon and got the news, “Penguins are birds, but they can’t fly.” or pressed the globe icon for “In Brazil we say hello by saying Hola.” The doc icons on the bottom of the tablet provide a little pretend play with the phone, clock and camera. This tablet can help kids build language skills by learning and reinforcing early concepts, learning fun facts, following directions, and conversing with Scout.

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