Kids love to make a little noise so why not with their very own trumpet? In the second half of the first year, babies can grab, grasp and hold on to objects like the handles on this little rattle/trumpet. As they suck in, the two way whistle blows and they are reinforced for their effort. Little ones can pick up the noisemaker that looks a bit like a sippy cup and suck in to make a whistling sound. They are fascinated with shaking the balls inside too. When babies round their lips to attach to the mouthpiece, they are exercising important oral motor muscles for speech that contribute to the production of the sounds “u, p, b. and m.” As their speech muscles strengthen, they are able to combine sounds and finally say first words around one year of age. Here’s an added feature. Don’t parents love a toy that has lasting play value? As children get older, 2-3 years of age they are able to blow out as well as suck in so now they are using the trumpet to vary the notes a bit and enjoy some pretend play. My little 2 year-old referred to it as her “milk,” and “water bottle” throughout play and offered me several drinks as she kept hold of it during play. With each blow she’d stop and giggle, proud of her accomplishment. It continued to be her toy of choice during play when she would point to it and say,”That one!”

Available at People Toy Company