Elevate playtime and fun in the pool with SwimWays’ Floating Figures. Choose from your favorite characters from Gabby’s Dollhouse, Paw Patrol, or The Little Mermaid to join in on splashing and swimming this summer.

Floating Figures are all designed to float on water, no matter who big the splash or rough the wave. Kids loved it as it all became part of the play. Our swimmers (and floating non-swimmers) loved recreating scenes from their favorite TV moments and imagining their own scenarios and stories too.

Gabby and MerCat headed to the pool with our toy testers, who loved telling stories while swimming alongside their favorite characters. Taking pretend play to the pool became a multi-sensory experience! Children used higher level language skills as they creatively sequenced events, role-played, and practice their language and communication skills. When children engage in this type of play, they’re thinking critically, problem solving, and practicing social and emotional well being too.

If you’re headed to the beach, lake, or pool this summer, then grab someFloating Figures by SwimWays. It’s an excellent toy for engaging pretend play, language, and imagination.

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