FluffyWeight is the huggable weighted plush toy that brings the love and comfort of a stuffed animal  paired with the regulation of a weighted blanket. It’s the perfect addition to playtime while also providing proprioceptive sensory input to calm children for improved self-regulation.

Self-regulation refers to a child’s ability to manage their emotions, behavior, and attention in response to the demands of the environment. By providing a soft and comforting object for children to hold onto, the Fluffy Weight stuffed animal can help them feel more grounded and in control of their emotions. This is especially important during times of stress or anxiety, when children may be feeling overwhelmed or out of control.

Unboxing the Fluffy Pup and Fluffy Cat was love at first sight. Our group of toy testers immediately began carrying it around with a few welcomed hug and tumbles. It provided a playful yet calming sensory experience. Children loved including their heavy friends in play as they worked imaginations, creativity, and problem solving strategies during pretend play. The weight and soft cuddly texture provided a grounded feeling for kids. They received increased sensory input as they moved their plush weighted friends around the room, carried them to a higher surface (couch or bed) and relaxed while cuddling.

FluffyWeight provided a sense of comfort and security for children during calm moments and during dis-regulated moments when struggling with big feelings and sensory processing issues. The weight of the FluffyWeight stuffed animal provides a gentle pressure that can help children feel secure and in control. It can provide a sense of relaxation to allow for a more open space as a caregiver connects to talk through big feelings.

Each animal is about 10% of a child’s bodyweight (5.5 lbs), but they also have a mini size puppy (3 lbs), which is great for travel. Kids will adore FluffyWeight for its fun play potential while doubling as a cuddly companion to provide comfort and a tool for self-regulation.

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