imgres-7“Fort Magic” has the perfect name as kids felt the magic, standing inside and outside of their castle, airplane and rocket as they solved design questions, negotiated how to build and created new spaces! With 165 straight and curved rods in 7 different sizes, and 5 varieties of connector pieces at their disposal, kids have the tools to follow their imagination. Our friends got right to work twisting the rods into the connecting pieces while calling out ideas and orders as to where to put the next piece. Critical thinking, group collaboration and problem solving are all higher level language skills that are tapped as kids created customized space for a bed and entry way. As a parent, I appreciated the fact that the set is highly durable and well made to hold up to kids’ creations and re-creations. So many construction kits are frustrating as you put your model together and suddenly part of the structure pulls apart–not so with Fort Magic! The instruction manual illustrates 20 projects from a submarine to a pirate ship but I found it served as a jumping off point for my friends who took over the lead in design once they were comfortable with how the set worked. Fort Magic is a continuous open-ended learning tool for play as kids design, construct and cover their project (grab a sheet from home and use the clips included to attach to your structure), to completion and then use it as their prop for pretend play. Our little friends finished their castle and slipped away to return fully outfitted in a knight’s costume, ready to defend their fort. Fort Magic is a must have for building learning skills on many levels while having fun!

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