FRANK_800Stack your word cards into 16 piles of 5 cards each and watch the compound word laboratory begin, as players race to call out a two-word combination that forms a compound word. “Doorway,” “backyard,” “bedroom,” “whitewater,” and “spacewalk” were just a few of our entries. It was fun to see different personalities and ages bring their experience to the table. “Airball” came from a basketball player, while “doghouse” came from a younger player. There was discussion between rounds as players explained what their words meant, when questioned. Players keep their cards after calling out their compound word, each winning them a point. The first player to get 8 points wins the game. Each card that represents half of a FrankenWord has the word printed on both sides, but one side also pictures an illustration for younger players to participate. Language skills are sharpened as players learn new vocabulary, read and remember words to process and combine with others, and exercise auditory and visual sequencing. Kids and adults alike wanted to play “overtime!”

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