prod8920_dtStay cool while playing this entertaining, rapid category game but be extra careful not to “Freeze Up!” Pass it around as each player races against the timer to shout out a word that satisfies one of the 170 possible categories. You don’t want to hesitate to answer while the clock is ticking away, so if the category or letter is too challenging and you find yourself “frozen” change it quickly and keep going!  Challenge an opponent’s word if you dare, but if you’re wrong, it can subtract valuable seconds from your time. When my toy tester and I played this game together we had an exciting few rounds with categories such as “Name something with stripes” that starts with the letter “S” and “Name something found at a circus” with the letter “L.” We definitely laughed a lot when she started coming up with crazy answers like “leprechaun” and “lizard” until she finally shouted “lion!” and passed along the game. One of the best qualities of Freeze Up is its ability to develop language. When a child thinks in categories he is building  his vocabulary and this is doubly true when he has to stay within a second category, beginning letters. Quick thinking under pressure is certainly a tricky task, but don’t give up because the more you play the better you get!

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