The-French-Cocotte-Trolley-837322Toddlers and preschoolers are on constantly on the move and Janod’s new Cocotte Trolley Cooker enables them to serve up your eggs, sunny side up, anywhere inside or outside the house. My little friends loved pushing the cart to me, opening the table cloth on my lap and inviting me to try their “hot”eggs. Kids enjoyed pointing out and naming the chicken heads on utensils, pot tops, handles and oven door as well as clicking the oven and burners on and off with the egg knobs. All the props can be easily stored for travel, including the serving spoon, fork and spatula that attach magnetically on the side of the cooker. I knew the trolley cooker was a hit when my friend immediately referred to it as “MY kitchen,” and wanted to take it outside on our walk. Language skills are strengthened as children tell a story through pretend play, using symbols to represent their ideas and plots, linking to later reading and writing.

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