Cast your fishing rod in the pool, bath, or water table with Friendly Fishing by SwimWays. The magnetic fishing pole and bobbing fish easily connect to allow for fun pretend play and other learning benefits.

Children loved catching fish in the water. They practiced eye-hand coordination as they matched up “fishy noses” to the end of the pole. Reeling the fish in was a favorite! Fine motor skills like pinching and wrist rotation were used and a satisfying clicking sound was made as the reel was brought up and down.

We practiced color identification and color naming and had lots of opportunity for pretend play. During cooperative play, kids took on different voices being the fisher and the fish (and one shark!).  \“Please don’t catch me! I want to swim in the water,” to which our fisherman replied “I’m sorry, but I have to catch you! Ok…. I guess I’ll let you swim away just once.”

This is an affordable water toy that is great for individual or cooperative play. It’s great for turn-taking, fine motor development, color recognition, and pretend play.